Muhammed Iqbal, one of the Directors, an Ex Air force personnel, was a Dealer for a leading Micro Irrigation company for 15 years in the southern districts of Tamilnadu. During this period, he gained invaluable experience in the design and implementation of Micro Irrigation projects for various types of farmlands and came in close contact with the Farming community to understand the challenges and issues the Farmer faced in the cultivation of his farmland using the MIS. It was this experience along with the subsidies being provided by the Tamilnadu State Government which inspired him to start a company to manufacture micro irrigation products in Madurai. He is being ably aided by his son, M. Yaser Sayed Ibrahim, the second Director, who holds a B. tech from SRM University and a Masters degree in Management, from Hindustan University in Chennai.

Yasar has handled many micro irrigation projects along with his Father during his period of Masters Study and has conducted a survey of Agriculture for 9 months to understand the opportunity available in Drip Irrigation in Tamilnadu. Yasar aims to cover almost 10,000 Hectares of farmland under micro irrigation within the next 5 years and to provide other essential advisory services to the Farmers for realizing better prize for outputs from their farm lands.

Through the years, the parent company of Cenmark Irrigation has been successfully involved in activities such as

  • Preparation and Execution of Horticulture projects.
  • Development of wasteland, Water Management through usage of drip and sprinklers systems.
  • Consultancy for Organic Farming.
  • Marketing assistance for farmer’s end products for realization of better prize for the outputs from their farmlands.