Cenmark Irrigation is a one stop solution for micro irrigation system. Apart from the quality products made for Micro Irrigation Systems at its factory in Madurai, we provide consultancy and advisory services to Farmer to improve their yields and market their products at a higher price realization. With the ever growing awareness among farmers to modern farming practices and the willingness to adapt the latest methods to increase agricultural outputs, Cenmark Irrigation offers pre produce consultancy services that include

  • Water management consultancy with drip and sprinkler irrigation.
  • DevelopmentPreparation and execution of horticulture projects.
  • Wasteland development.
  • Organic farming consultancy.
  • Marketing assistance for Farmers' end products.

Annual maintenance contract or AMC at a reasonable cost for installed drip irrigation systems are offered. AMC helps the Farmer to keep his MIS operating efficiently through the year resulting in higher yields of his farmlands and savings in his operating expenses.